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Hello Explorers!

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer in search of thrilling tomorrows, welcome to an innovative world where modern technology meets human potential. I firmly believe that visiting this site will lead to saving hundreds of hours of your time, enhancing your ideas, or possibly expanding your horizons.

I am Filip Hrkal, and I relish in harnessing the synergies between advanced technology, data, and the depths of human psychology. With more than two decades of experience in psychometrics and integrating the role of artificial intelligence in HR, I have practically devoted my career to identifying potential. The potential in all of us.

I am an entrepreneur, investor, psychometrist, digital coach, mentor, innovator - and perhaps also a dad. I advocate the theory that capitalism isn't about "work" :-) and thus, I seek ways to make work easier for myself and others.

Join me on a journey of innovation and discovery, where together we will utilize experience, the largest data about people in the market, the power of AI, and work psychology to transform lives - and businesses. Let's embark on a path of growth, learning, and success together.

Welcome to my digital home, where I strive to ensure every interaction is a step towards a brighter and, most importantly, a more pleasant future.

Filip Hrkal, CEO

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About me


More than two decades ago, I happened to meet my current colleague, Václav Coubal, in a hallway by chance. One thing led to another, and we embarked on a technological odyssey. We decided once and for all to rid HR and psychology of all the dubious methods of recruitment and employee development, which have caused many people to downright despise HR. Our goal was to restore HR's reputation for expertise - and rigor.

In the era of the first mobile phones with black and white displays, we together founded Cut-e CEE, now an integral part of AON – a leader in psychometric solutions for PCs and mobile devices. This journey, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, represented a blend of exceptionally challenging tasks, market education - but also subsequent global triumph. Later, as the founder of the YellowCouch group, I played a role in revolutionizing HR through the synergy of big data, AI, and psychology. My work has always been driven by a love for innovation and setting new quality standards in the field of recruitment management and human resource development.


In a world where technology and humanity intertwine, my values are anchored in the freedom and asynchronicity of work, leveraging the maximum added value of data and technology, and living each day to the fullest with those I love. However, it's not just about maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life. It's about the art of combining what I know, with what is useful, what I enjoy - and what makes money. The Japanese might call a similar style Ikigai. This ideal - closely linked to well-being - is becoming a reality today through the combined power of technological progress and human ingenuity. The future is here - it's just unevenly distributed. And because I believe in fairness and objectivity, I strive to even out this imbalance. I ignore pleasing but fleeting trends and focus on what is truly effective. The foundation is about making every day meaningful and ensuring that the future we build together is not only technologically advanced but also deeply human. I am an innovator - and I believe that if you are with innovators, you become one!


Vision and Mission Statements

My Vision

In a future shaped together by artificial intelligence, I envision a world where technology not only changes our daily lives but also expands our human potential. Artificial intelligence, in harmony with other innovative technologies, will pave the way for new possibilities and eliminate outdated systems and processes. My vision is for a society where the combination of human creativity and technological proficiency creates a richer and more meaningful development for those who embrace this change. I believe it's wonderful to be a part of this - and I am eager to help you in this direction as well.

My Mission

My mission is to act as a catalyst in this transformative era. I am dedicated to uncovering hidden talents, their skills, motivations - and above all, guiding individuals and organizations towards maximizing their potential. By combining the latest technology with deep psychological insights, my approach is designed to improve every aspect of life. Whether you're a student seeking direction, a CEO shaping the future, or a creative mind exploring new horizons, I invite you to join me. Together, we will transform risks into opportunities and turn dreams into reality. The real risk, after all, lies in remaining unchanged.

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I am dedicated to empowering visionary projects, entrepreneurs, and startups, especially in the HR Tech sector. My investment approach goes beyond mere funding - it's about supporting growth, mentoring talents, and collectively building the future. Join me in shaping a world where innovative ideas become an impressive reality.


Artificial intelligence and future concept

Artificial Intelligence

AI is transforming the future. At the heart of my work lies the belief that artificial intelligence can revolutionize the way we live and work. I focus on developing AI solutions that are not only technically sophisticated but also ethically responsible and enhance human abilities and decision-making. Simultaneously, I enjoy raising awareness in this area as a digital coach and ambassador. I turn fears into enthusiasm, while maintaining necessary caution, all in the spirit of the A A AI concept.

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Online Psychometry

Online psychometrics is a tool I use to uncover often hidden human talent, motivations, and personality traits. By merging psychological insights with data analytics, a revolution in talent management and personal development emerges. I assist individuals and organizations in gaining a lead and a competitive edge. Because you can only utilize potential when you're aware of it.

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Was I successful in predicting the future?

Check out this video to find out!

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Business Marketing

Beyond my passion for psychometrics and artificial intelligence, my key enthusiasm lies in marketing, a field I became enamored with during my MBA studies. In today's digital age, my marketing approach effectively bridges traditional methods and psychology with modern digital innovations. I focus on creating marketing strategies that not only achieve results but also deeply engage audiences and support brand growth and loyalty in an ever-changing digital world. It was this enthusiasm for marketing that led me to co-found a company, which, at the time of sale, had a market capitalization of over 3 billion CZK...

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Ready to make an impact?

Connect with me!

“I am talented and motivated individual”

Do you have a flair for AI, programming, or psychology? Or perhaps another unique skill set? I'm looking to collaborate with passionate, talented individuals like you. Show me what makes you stand out. Let's explore and expand your potential together, as me - as well as my extensive network of over 1200 clients is always on the lookout for extraordinary talent.

“I am visionary leader building a dreamteam”

Are you building a dream team as a CEO or manager? Let's collaborate to identify and nurture hidden talent using cutting-edge technologies. I can provide valuable insights to evolve your HR practices, ensuring your team is not just competent, but exceptional and fully motivated to achieve future goals.

“I am innovative mind - just need more $$$”

If you are an inventor, particularly in HR Tech, and need support to bring your vision to life, let's connect. I am always eager to invest in and develop breakthrough ideas that can reshape our future. With a deep history in pioneering HR solutions and transforming ideas into reality I offer more than just investment – I provide a partnership for growth.


Code of Conduct

Ethics and Professionalism

In our journey together, whether you're discovering your talents, assembling your dream team, or bringing an entrepreneurial vision to life, ethical conduct and professionalism are at the heart of our interactions. I uphold the highest standards of integrity and expect the same from everyone I collaborate with. This means transparent practices, honest communication, and a commitment to excellence in every endeavor. By adhering to these principles, we create a trustworthy and respectful environment, fostering successful outcomes for all.


Your trust is my priority. As an investor, psychometrist, psychologist, and advisor, I understand the sensitivity of the information you share. Whether it's personal talent assessments, team dynamics in your organization, or innovative business ideas, all information is treated with the utmost confidentiality. My commitment to discretion ensures that your ideas, strategies, and personal data are secure and handled with care, providing you the freedom to express and explore without concern.

Safety and Security

Creating a safe and secure environment is fundamental. Whether you're here to explore your potential, seek guidance for your team, or pitch a business idea, I ensure that all interactions and processes are conducted in a safe, secure, and supportive setting. From digital data protection to ensuring a safe space for open dialogue, every aspect is meticulously managed to safeguard your well-being and the confidentiality of your projects. Together, we can focus on achieving your goals in a secure way.

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University Collaboration

Throughout my career in HRIT, I have been working as a guest lecturer at various leading Czech and international schools, including the University of Economics, Prague, and Charles University. I always lecture "pro bono". I consider it a mission. In addition to sharing both good and bad experiences from the CEE market, I aim to instill in the new generation of managers and HR professionals a responsible and respectful approach to work in HR technologies. I am well aware that in areas where psychometrics and AI are increasingly influential, technology has a profound impact on human destinies. Therefore, the goal of my teaching is to prepare future experts not only for opportunities but also for the challenges brought by the modern working environment and technological advancement.

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Cooperation with Media

Growing up in a journalistic family, I have a personal and close relationship with collaborating with journalists. I see my work as a tool for positive change in people's work lives. Thanks to extensive market data, my colleagues at YellowCouch and I are regularly asked to comment on the current situation in the areas of employee recruitment and development, psychometrics, psychology, and AI. However, my articles and interviews are not just about our work – they are primarily about people and their stories. I strive to be a source of inspiration and support for those who want to develop their companies, colleagues, and personal careers. I contribute to the enlightenment of HR, managers, and business owners. I believe that our experiences can help them find a balanced, meaningful, and satisfying work – and thus personal – life.



Dominika Tatárová

Senior HR Manager

Penta Real Estate

"We have been cooperating with Filip for more than 12 years, including on the biggest talent competition in the Czech Republic, Penta Smart Deal, as well as on presentation and team collaboration workshops for our management. His expertise, reliability, and commitment have significantly contributed to the success of all our joint HR projects."

Marek Vošta


Europapier Bohemia

"For more than 15 years, Filip has been leading and preparing workshops for our Top management. And we enjoy it. His insights and leadership help us maintain a leading position in the market. Whether it's about innovations in recruitment and development, managerial skills, or AI technology, Filip knows how to 'ignite' and advance."

Přemysl Rubeš

Founding Partner

Presto Ventures

"Diagnostic tools and their interpretations by Filip have always been crucial in selecting many of our successful colleagues and business partners. They work. And his expertise, market knowledge, humanity, and perspective are exactly why we enjoy collaborating with him."

Radana Kostruhová

HR Director

Heimstaden Czech

"Filip and his psychometric interpretations? They have been with us for nearly 20 years! Initially, he played a key role in restructuring our HR department and completely setting up our HR processes (RPG RE). Today, our talent programs and key recruitment decisions are based on his expertise and technology."

Contact Information


Prague CZ, Zadar HR, Los Angeles CA

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